Background of Buriram Silk

      Promoting the cultivation of mulberry silk from Buriram province since the 5th of KingRama Rama V.He graciously pleased to make. KromMuenPichaiMahidol. Son's No. 38 to the Department about the year 2447-2448 has set up a station at Buriram mulberry silk growing up. director of a government department silk technicianwent out to visit,the silk production at the BuriRam by cart way , and shape composes a song. "Laosdumnurnkwean" on the go. Now called. Laosdungduen".

       The year 2450 has been set up with silk district office and the pavilion at a temple with lots of planting mulberry silksuch as Na Phodivisionmulberry silkPhutthisongandBuriram is succeed. Government department silk technicianthen give is the division feeds in northeast precinct belongs to city Buriram since 2456 is feeding halting from is born the epidemics and born the world war time 2until the year 2495 has been upgraded with a silk Buriram promote sericulture station. Promote a more serious until the year 2518 a group of " Woman group volunteers to weave silk" at BannapoNaPho district, Her Royal Highness Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn has been a member of the The Foundation of the Promotion of Supplementry Occupations and Related Techniques of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand. It improve the craftsmanship weaves member Buriram in superiorly go up.

       In 2530 the King had ordered research and development, quality of life. Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) to study the most arid areas of the Thailand. meet that Napho district that dry most of the country , Her Royal Highness Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn know about the project then take Naphodistrict area. in private projectin 2542 with the construction of the Center for Traditional Crafts SIGHTS up. for encourage occupation development supports project private framework . In 2545. silk cloth member in Buriram producer , more hundred the group then register the products OTOP and have develop continuously until goods that is famous in now .